Nuru Body Slide

A Nuru session always begins with the atmosphere. Lighting, music and aromatherapy are all prepared in advance.


When you have settled in, it will be time to take a warm shower. All the provisions you may need will be provided for your convenience.

Then comes the main attraction, the Nuru.  We will step onto the bed and into nuru nirvana. The Nuru gel will be applied all over your body for the body slide. Relax and enjoy as the sensations bring you to ecstasy.


At the end of the session, another shower will be necessary to remove all the Nuru. This is another great time to revel in the wonder of this gel.


As our time comes to an end, you will feel refreshed, wonderfully overwhelmed and blissfully satisfied.


Nuru gel is odorlesss, tasteless, washes off easily and leaves no residue. No one ever has to know ;-)


The Nuru gel contains a seaweed extract which serves as a skin treatment, in the form of a micro-nutrient supplement.



Added on April 26, 2015

Ayelisa's photos on her website don't do her justice...I was very pleasantly surprised when she opened the door on 4-25...She is not only a very beautiful woman with a great body but she has a wonderful personality too...It was the best two hours I spent with Ayelisa....The bonus is she is very enthusiastic and talented....

Added on November 24, 2014

Mmmm very nice massage Would gladly go for another Worth the experience and she is very sexy

Added on October 27, 2014

I cannot wait for the return of Ayelisa. She is everything you would hope for in a NURU specialist and more. A great lady with a warm aura and so very sensual !
lee sully

Added on April 6, 2012

ayelisa is a very sexy woman. when i first laid eyes on her in her black teddy i knew that my 1st nuru massage was going to be wonderful. it was! it's been 3 weeks since then and i still get aroused just thinking about her. i can't wait to see you agin ayelisa. and again and again.

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